Below are some possible solutions to common issues. If you are having issues, please read through the following items to search for a possible solution.

Several issues could be causing checkout issues:

  1. Expired card.
  2. Insufficient funds.
  3. Information mismatch.



  1. Try another card.
  2. Call your card’s issuing bank.
  3. Try another browser or device.

If you are seeing a screen about being locked out, this means that you have triggered our security system. Common reasons are:

  1. Your domain or ip has been unknowingly used in spam, bot network, etc. and placed on a blacklist.
  2. You have entered in the wrong email or username.
  3. You have an incorrect email or other information in your browser autofill settings.


  1. Lockouts last for 2 days. You can try again with the correct login after that time.
  2. Check your browser autofill settings and clear any incorrect emails, etc..
  3. Clear your browser cache.
  4. Otherwise, you can send us an exact copy of the error message you are receiving using our Support Form. Please include your email, username, order number, and date of lockout. We will need these items to assist you.

NOTICE: We are seeing a large amount of members capitalizing the first letter of their email. Emails are case sensitive and this will prevent your from logging in.

The best way to buy a gift for others is to buy a gift card. Use the instructions here for buying multiple gift cards if you are buying for more than one person.

  1. In the “To” field, simply enter the email address of each recipient separated by a comma (Example: [email protected],[email protected], etc).
  2. Each recipient will receive their eGift Card code.


Gift cards work just like a regular credit card. Select the package you want purchase, proceed to checkout, and then enter your gift card code into the Gift Card field above the totals section. Once your purchase is complete, you will be assigned a membership. Check your email for your login information. Once logged in, you can access the films included in your package.

Once an order for merchandise such as hats, tshirts, etc. is placed, the address cannot be changed. If you have only purchased digital products, your shipping address is only relevant for billing purposes OR if you buy additional items in our member store. You can change your address at any time in your account area.

This can be caused by a few common issues:

  1. Someone else purchased the package for you and the account is under their email.
  2. Your mailbox is full.
  3. You entered the wrong email upon checkout.
  4. Your email provider’s security setttings are too high and flagging our emails as spam or junk.



  1. If someone else purchased the package for you, check with them.
  2. Check spam and junk folders.
  3. Contact your email provider for help.
  4. Visit our Login Page and click on the “Lost Your Password” link. Enter the email used to place your order and click the “Reset Password” button. You will receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

Didn’t Find A Solution?

If your questions were not answered here, you can contact us. Please provide the following before using the support form:

  • All details of your issue – error message, steps to replicate issue, etc..
  • Username
  • Email
  • Order number
  • Date of issue