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” This movie will help the Bible come alive for you and make you stronger in your faith.”

– Pastor Dave Scarlett



Mikki Willis is an American director, filmmaker, producer, and social media personality from Ojai, California.1 He is the founder of Elevate, a production company that creates socially conscious media. As a director, he has helmed numerous award-winning and record-setting productions, including theatrical features, network television specials, commercials, and music videos for platinum artists. Willis has been a filmmaker for 20 years and has been granted rare access into the minds and hearts of world-renowned philosophers, scientists, physicists, doctors, authors, shamans, and human development experts.23 He is also the producer of one of the most censored documentaries of all-time, The Plandemic.0 Willis is a married father of two and has been a filmmaker for 20 years.4




Matthew 24



Robert Bailey is a Christian filmmaker with a “Here I am, send me” attitude. From directing/producing to cinematography, to editing, he followed his gifting and will not bury his talents. He has a proven track record and looks forward to making more faith-based films. When Robert made Holy Land: Matthew 24, his heart was in it. He was on a mission to spread God’s word and help tell Israel’s story. Praise God.


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