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Watch Now S1 E1: I Have Called You By Name 

Watch Now S1 E2: Shabbat 

Watch Now S1 E3: Jesus Loves The Little Children

Watch Now S1 E4: The Rock on Which It Is Built

Watch Now S1 E5: The Wedding Gift

Watch Now S1 E6: Indescribable Compassion

Watch Now S1 E7: Invitations

Watch Now S1 E8: I Am HE 

Watch Now S2 E1: Thunder

Watch Now S2 E2: I Saw You

Watch Now S2 E3: Matthew 4:24

Watch Now S2 E4: The Perfect Opportunity

Watch Now S2 E5: Spirit

Watch Now S2 E6: Unlawful

Watch Now S2 E7: Reckoning

Watch Now S2 E8: Beyond Mountains 

Watch Now S3 E1: Homecoming

Watch Now S3 E2: Two by Two

Watch Now S3 E3: Physician, Head Yourself

Watch Now S3 E4: Clean, Part 1

Watch Now S3 E5: Clean, Part 2

Watch Now S3 E6: Intensity in Tent City

Watch Now S3 E7: Ears to Hear

Watch Now S3 E8: Sustenance

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