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The War on Truth

Directed by Chris Burgard, Produced by Nick Searcy.

Releasing on May 17, 2024

For over three years the Federal Government has waged a War On Truth. Now the truth fights back. Who really died on J6 and why is the Federal Government lying about it to this day? Who orchestrated and benefited by breaching the Capitol Building? Was J6 created to simply steal an election or was it the excuse for a larger war on America?

Coming May 17, 2024

Coming May 17, 2024

Coming May 17, 2024

Now the Truth Fights Back

The War On Truth

The War On Truth takes us inside the reality of average Americans whose lives are being destroyed by the Deep State. The US Federal Government has weaponized the Department of Justice against its own citizens in order to protect a corrupt political class and preserve the status quo at any cost. Join Nick Searcy as he steps onto the battlefield and fights for The War On Truth.

Release Date

May 17, 2024


Chris Burgard


Nick Searcy

The War on Truth Music Video

By Forgiato Blow




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